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Cross Country

Grades 3-8 – CYO Cross Country (Fall: August-October)

What is it?
CYO Cross Country is an organized league that allows your children to compete against other schools during weekend meets.

How much does it cost?
Registration: $55
Late Registration: $75

How many practices are there?
Typically there are 2 practices per week: Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

How many games can I expect?
The first meet typically is scheduled during the last weekend in August and is every weekend through mid-October. Meets will be held on Saturdays or Sundays; times and locations will vary.

When is the first practice?
The first practice will be the second weekend in August. Once registration is complete, an email will be sent with a summer running plan to do on their own time before practices begin.

What shoes should I buy?
Any running shoe that feels comfortable for your runner is fine, just make sure that he/she is properly measured. A running store like Second Sole, Vertical Runner, or Fleet Feet are the best options to get properly fitted and in the right shoe for his/her running form.

What kind of running experience does my child need to have to start Cross Country?
We will begin the season starting with the mindset that our athletes are all beginner runners. All athletes are encouraged to develop and run at their own pace. That’s what is so great about Cross Country! You can compete against other schools, and you can compete with yourself, learning to strive for your personal record (PR) each week. It is also an excellent sport to keep you in shape for other sports.

Do I have to attend all meets if I sign up?
No, you do not. An email will be sent out every week with the location and time information for that weekend’s meet. At that time, you will email back with your attendance.