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Word on Fire

St. Hilary Lenten Series
Are you looking to better understand and to deepen your faith?

St. Hilary Parish is excited to offer you the opportunity to receive a series of emails, each containing a short, engaging, high-quality video produced by Word on Fire Catholic Ministries, founded by Bishop Robert Baron.

Video 1: Who is Jesus?

Video 2: Why did Jesus have to die on the Cross?

Video 3: Why does the Resurrection matter?

Video 4: What will happen when we die?

Video 5: Does God really send people to Hell?

Video 6: Why Purgatory is actually a good thing…

Video 7: What can we know about angels?

You will receive the first email of the Lenten Series on Ash Wednesday, February 26. Signing up for this Lenten Series will also give you access to the entire Word on Fire digital library!

To sign up, text LENT2020 to 84576.

Additional Details

When you receive your first email in the series on Ash Wednesday, February 26, open the email and click on the white arrow in the picture to watch the short video. A new tab will open in your web browser. (If you do not want to allow Word on Fire to email you about new videos and offerings, click on the arrow in the small box next to the word “allow”.) To start the video, click on the green Watch Video button.

At the bottom of the video you will see a message, “Your parish has gifted you access to all of Word on Fire’s videos!” Next to this message is an orange button that says Check them out >>.  Wait until after the video ends then click on this button and it will open another tab taking you to https://www.wofdigital.org/browse which is the website where you will find THE ENTIRE WORD ON FIRE DIGITAL LIBRARY. No accounts, passwords, or codes needed. The Lenten email videos will provide you access; so save the email.

ATTENTION TEACHERS! This will give you full access to the CATHOLICISM School Enrichment resources.