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Digital Day of Service

Saturday, November 3, St. Hilary Parish is dedicating the day to serving others, whether that be in our local community or in your own homes.

Here’s how to get involved:

  • Choose an activity that will help those around you!
  • Put a face on service and use your St. Hilary print to take pictures with, and send in your photos to share on our parish Facebook and Instagram pages! St. Hilary prints will be given out after Mass at the end of October.
  • Email your photos to adublikar@sthilarychurch.org for us to share your photos on our Facebook & Instagram pages or post your own, and use our hashtag:

Finding a place to “serve” doesn’t have to be difficult! Find a small task or activity, and do your small part to help your local community: Here are some examples of activities:

  • Rake or clean up your yard, neighbor’s yard or choose a location where you can help beauty the landscape!
  • Bake cookies or cook dinner for a neighbor, or someone in need!
  • Find a local food pantry or shelter to volunteer an hour or two.
  • Clean out your closets and donate your goods to your a local shelter for those that are in need.
  • Donate blood!
  • Volunteer at a local animal shelter.
  • Pick up trash along the road or in your local park.
  • Perform a random act of kindness.

The most important part of St. Hilary’s Digital Day of Service and #StHilaryServes is to have fun and enjoy the time with your family, friends and others in your community! So get out there, find an activity, and send in your pictures so we can share with our parishioners and those in the community!