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Bible Study Survey

Bible Study Survey

Many have asked if we could do a daytime study (as the Thurs morn. and Mon eve. ones do not work for them). Well, I have good news! Bob Burns, a long-time participant and even longer Bible enthusiast, who has deeply studied the scriptures, is offering three daytime course opportunities, either on Tues afternoons or Wed mornings. As you can see below, Bob is offering these at NO COST, however you have the option to purchase the book(s) on which the courses are based. Before firming up a decision about times, we need your feedback to these two Qs and interest level by mid-week next week:

  1. WHAT COURSE(S) ARE YOU INTERESTED IN? (Not asking for a commitment yet)


**Bp. Robert Barron’s Pivotal Players: Learning from the Saints

— Augustine, Benedict, Francis of Assisi, Catherine of Siena. Ignatius–

FOCUS: their lives, impacts and lessons of each and how we can ask them for their help in our lives

TIME COMMITMENT: 5 wk course, starting week of Sept 19

SESSION LENGTH: 2 hrs/session with one hour pilgrimage/lecture videos

COST: NONE, but suggested purchase of Bp. Barron’s book $25

**Angels Are Everywhere!

FOCUS: their general background, major appearances in Bible (Garden of Eden to Revelation, especially those in the Gospels), their presence in the Mass and on how we can ask them for help

TIME COMMITMENT: 4-wk course, starting week of Nov 14 (following Cath 101 presentation on Angels)

SESSION LENGTH: 1.5 hrs/session, lecture and discussion

COST: NONE, but suggested purchase of Mike Aquilina’s “Angels of God” $15 and Fr. Pascale Parente’s “The Angels in Catholic Teaching and Tradition” $15

**When You Suffer (a Lenten Journey of Hope and Healing)

FOCUS: the universality and meanings of suffering; lessons from the prophets, the Saints, the Blessed Mother and Jesus; holding firm in the faith; keys to making it through

TIME COMMITMENT: 5-wk course, starting week of Feb 27

SESSION LENGTH: 1.5 hrs/session, lecture and discussion

COST: NONE, but suggested purchase of Jeff Cavins’s “When You Suffer” $15 and Laura Mary Phelps’s “Sweet Cross: A Marian Guide to Suffering” $15


Tues at 1:00 pm
Wed at 9:00 am

Again, please email Randy Malic at rmalick@sthilarychurch.org back by mid-week next week.

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