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Fr. Matt Jordan

Fr. Matt Jordan

The Living Your Strengths Workshop is a great way to both appreciate and to know your God-given gifts and talents.  When we come to know ourselves better, we also come to know God better because God is our creator.

Knowing our strengths also allows us to better serve God and the Church.

My top two God-given talents Restorative and Strategic allow for me to love to want to figure out ways to solve problems.  I get energized when I can talk about how something can be made stronger or how to fix something that is not going well.  I also know that my desire to solve problems can be both overwhelming and annoying to people, because not everyone finds energy in solving problems.

Knowing the truth is important for us as Christians because Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and living your strengths helps you to better know the truth.

My top 5 God-given talents are: Restorative, Strategic, Belief, Connectedness, and Relator.