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Why VOTE NO on Issue 1

Why VOTE NO on Issue 1

Why Vote “NO” in Nov on Issue 1?
Compiled from a textual analysis by a former federal prosecutor

Although the Catholic Church may not endorse or oppose candidates for public office, it is lawful for the Church to speak about public issues, as any other institution or organization may do. As the proposed constitutional amendment would create a virtually unlimited constitutional right to abortion up to the moment of birth in Ohio, the Church must speak.

Ohio’s Bishops urge voters to oppose an issue on the November 7 ballot which would create a State constitutional right to abortion through all nine months of pregnancy, prohibit the State legislature from enacting abortion-related restrictions and destroy parents’ right to be informed when their own minor child becomes pregnant and is considering an abortion.

CLICK HERE for a 4 page document to help you educate yourself on why to vote NO on Issue 1.