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Church Updates

Church Updates

Church Building Closure and Temporary Mass Locations!!!!

Dear Parishioners:

I want you to be aware in advance of two projects occurring here at St. Hilary Church this summer. These projects will require the closing of the church building for a total of three weeks beginning on Monday, June 27th and continuing until July 15th. During that time we will be having DAILY MASS and Wednesday Adoration in the Spiritual Center Gathering Area. WEEKEND MASSES July 2 & 3, and July 9 & 10 will be in the Multipurpose Room. Mass times will remain the same. Confessions on Saturday will be in the priest’s offices in the Spiritual Center and will be face to face only. We will return to Masses in church beginning the weekend of July 16 & 17.  During this time we will be making extensive repair to the damaged floor tile in the church. Tiles are cracking due to the movement of the cement base and the subsequent loosening of the adhesive. This is especially true in areas of high traffic and where the original church floor meets the 2000 addition. While the tiles are being repaired we will also be removing the old pews and installing new pews. Our pews are in need of refinishing and repadding, but the cost to do so is actually MORE EXPENSIVE than getting new pews.  Our new pews will be deeper than the present pews and more comfortable to sit in. They will also be spaced further apart so as to accommodate our taller parishioners more comfortably. The new pews will also be slightly angled so that those sitting in the side sections will be facing the sanctuary and not the drums on one side and the organ keyboard on the other side. I think you will LOVE the new pews! We had samples of them in the Spiritual Center last year and received many positive reviews regarding them. Our new pews will be paid for with a distribution from the Jean Hauser Fund within the St Hilary Parish Foundation, so no offertory dollars will be used for this purchase! Before you think that this is a waste of money, please know that Mrs. Hauser left her fund for projects just like this! In fact, she paid for the original padding of our present pews. The team that manages her fund is very enthusiastic about this project and thinks Jean would be most supportive! We are excited to welcome everyone back in mid-July with these projects completed!!! Thanks for your patience once these projects commence!!!


Fr. Steve Brunovsky